Sabtu, 04 Maret 2017

My name REKI HERMAWAN, my desire entrance in college majoring in civil engineering is the beginning of my thinking about development, there we will be a lot of studying a construction or development planning, where I had to be in demand in order to design buildings yng sturdy, and I can design buildings what I want as my thinking
1.Kesempatan work
It is undeniable that people who have a college degree will usually be more sought after by companies and agencies. In the competitive world of undergraduate work also has more value than those of high school graduates sederajatnya.
2. Personality and responsibilities
Education obtained from universities not only in the academic field, but also in extra fields and organizations. An obvious fact is that the person who took the college will be better in the formation of one's personality, enhancing one's knowledge, analytical thinking and skills in problem solving.
3. Income
According to the research that has been done shows that people who have higher levels of education generally have advantages compared with the 25% who do not have. The reason is usually people who have higher levels of education will have more ability in the field practiced, coupled with college experience they gained during college.
4. Progress in career
One other benefit is the possibility that people who have higher levels of education are usually easier to get promoted and make progress in accordance branches of their choosing.
5. Self-esteem
If someone has the knowledge, then he also has an important weapon in his life. he's not just going to be a happy person, but also will have a level of confidence which is more in comparison with those that do not especially these days to survive the competition is getting tougher. so, at least they already possessed more weapons.

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